Baker wants public housing for legal residents only | Grossman puts money where mouth is for final push | Reporters to slaughter PR drones in competitive athletics

GUT CHECK BOOK: Steve Grossman is taking the recent Suffolk University poll, which showed a tightening race against Martha Coakley for the Democratic nomination for governor, to heart in a big way. Grossman’s putting his own money where his mouth’s been the entire campaign now and ponying up $200,000 from his own bank account to boost his candidacy in the last two weeks before the primary. From the Globe: “The polling is moving in our direction,’’ said Grossman’s campaign manager, Josh Wolf, confirming the candidate’s plan to use his personal funds. He pointed to a Suffolk University/Boston Herald poll that suggested the gap has closed to 12 percentage points.” –

THIS COULD BE A THING:  Meanwhile, Charlie Baker finds himself way ahead of Tea Party challenger Mark Fisher in the Republican race for governor and gets to launch some policy proposals. Baker wants to reserve public housing for legal residents only. “Fixing the public housing system so that people have a better chance at getting back on their feet and legal residents don’t end up at the end of the line will be a priority in my administration,” Baker tells the Herald. Baker’s scheduled to announce details of the plan today in Chelsea with city manager Jay Ash. –

THE ONE CONSTANT THROUGH ALL THE YEARS, RAY, HAS BEEN SOFTBALL: Reporters and political communication types are often at diametric odds with one another. The former inquiring about the functions of government to benefit the public good and the latter scrambling around, desperately trying to obstruct any and all information from being passed on to citizens. One group tries to fight for truth, justice and the American way against increasingly tough odds and dwindling numbers. The other maniacally tries to control every facet of their employer’s public persona. So you get the idea of who I’m rooting for in the First Hacks vs. Flacks Softball Game. It’s tomorrow, at 6 p.m. at Puopolo Field in the North End. As one of the more athletic journos put it “I can’t throw with my right arm. And I’m pretty sh***y at running. Any other designated positions left? Oh – I’ll also be drunk.” PLAY BALL! Hashtag’s #hacksvsflacks. Let me know what I should heckle.

SPOILED: The Globe’s Frank Phillips writes that the candidacy of Jeff McCormick, once a shining beacon of independent hope “has hardly made a blip on the campaign trail.” He might still be able to grab a few votes from Republican candidate Charlie Baker though. –

HEARD YOU GUYS LIKE WORDPLAY: Even if Brockton residents are-thirs-ty, should the city accept donations from the company that fired Arthur T?  The Brockton city council voted recently to approve a $150 donation from Market Basket to buy bottled water and food for the city’s emergency stockpile, but one councilor had reservations due to the supermarket’s current turmoil. “While they’re in flux, I don’t feel like we should accept funding from them, Councilor-at-large Shaynah Barnes said, according to The Enterprise. [NOTE: Neal wrote this. – Deehan]

ME AND MY BUDDIES FROM PUFFTON GONNA ROUGH UP THAT STATUE: The adorable, one-side attempt at a Classic Rivalry that is the annual Boston College vs. UMass Amherst football game – waged mostly through bus ads probably bought by UMass – has turned downright sacrilegious. Someone put a UMass jersey on BC’s Doug Flutie statue. I know, I was shocked too: They even make UMass jerseys? –

THROUGH THE ROOF: Former Gov. Michael Dukakis is the chief booster of Mike Lake’s campaign for lieutenant governor and he plans to prove it today at a “Meeting of the Mikes” in JP. Where else do political generations collide than at Doyle’s Cafe? Dukakis joins 16 lawmakers and three mayors in backing Lake. Lake’s top opponent in the Democratic primary, Steve Kerrigan, has “15 mayors, five sheriffs and 40 legislators,” behind him, according to a spokesperson, as well as today’s endorsement from the Boston Herald. So we’ll see how many electeds and newspapers it takes to equal one Duke. –