Lantigua refuses to resign after aides indicted – New Tierney ad puts Tisei in the Tea Party – Crime lab crisis could lead to firings – MassPort names new director – O. Cipollini primary win in dispute!

WILL HE STAY OR WILL HE GO?: Two of Lawrence Mayor Willie Lantigua’s top aides were arraigned yesterday for all sorts of fun stuff, like bribery, extortion and conspiracy. Stay tuned to see if they stand by their boss or sing like beautiful, beautiful songbirds into the ears of prosecutors. For now though, Lantigua isn’t going anywhere.

FREE SAMPLES: The crime lab story is just flat-out crazy. I assume it will lead to an Arkam Asylum-style release of all prisoners, everywhere.

LORD AND RULER OF LOGANLAND: MassPort has a new director: Dukakis-era MBTA chief Thomas Glynn.

HOUSE PARTY: John Tierney is still ahead of challenger Richard Tisei in the polls and has launched a new ad that paints the openly gay former state Senate Minority Leader as a gung-ho Tea Partier. It appears Tierney is confident that not enough people have actually met Tisei (polls suggests he has very low name recognition) since no one has ever associated the word “party,” tea or otherwise, with Richard Tisei.

MEANWHILE, ON THE PLANET OF MARS: Could a primary recount for the Democratic nomination in the Governor’s Council’s first district spell the end for the Cipollini Dynasty?